The Joy of Bible Marking

Why would you write in your Bible? Marking our Bibles is a great way to make it personal. It helps us to get it into our heart and to have a ready answer. Tim and Josh discuss different types of Bible marking with lots of examples of what they’ve found to be helpful.



  • What is Bible marking? Why do it?
  • Wide margin Bibles
  • Getting into a routine

Why Personalize Your Bible?

  • Duty of a King to write out the law (Deuteronomy 17:18)
  • It is about getting it into your heart (Proverbs 7:1-3)

Types of Bible Marking

  • Identifying words
    • Love – Agape / Phileo (1 Peter 1:22)
    • God – El / Elohim
    • Church – Ecclesia
    • World – Kosmos / Aion
    • Character traits of God (Exodus 34:6)
  • Contextual repetition
    • Seeing the context (Genesis 11:1-9; Luke 12:16-21; Mark 12:30,33 cp. v.44; Matthew 4:1-10)
    • Understanding organization and structure (Revelation 1-3; Matthew 5; Zechariah 1-6)
  • Topical notes / Theme studies
    • Using the back of your Bible
    • Chain reference marking

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