Growing in Faith

From the last podcast we learning what faith is, now we need to get it and increase it. Tom Colby and Tim Young continue their discussion of faith and how we can go from a “little faith” to a “great faith”.

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Now Faith Is…

“Faith toward God” (Hebrews 6:1) is certainly an essential Bible study. Tom Colby and Tim Young discuss this important word, how to define it, and how it is much more than just believing God exists. This is the first podcast in a four-part series on “faith”.


Repent! This was what John the Baptist, Jesus and the Apostles first preached. Tim Young and Brian Alexander discuss this important topic for our lives. They go through the Old and New Testament words giving examples of how they are used. From there they tackle the tough questions, “What is needed for repentance?” and “What do we repent from?”

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Bible Study Tools – Concordances

Matt and Tim talk about using a concordance for Bible study. You don’t need to be a Hebrew and Greek scholar to get more out of the words of the Bible. This show goes through examples of using a concordance and some pitfalls to avoid.

Links to recommended concordances: