Blessed is the One Who Reads

Welcome to Season 5!

Part of being a good Bible student is being a good Bible reader. Wayne Coutu joins Tim Young for a conversation about the importance of consistent daily Bible reading and how to go about it.


Website with the daily readings and commentary – The Daily Bible Readings

YouVersion app with daily reading planner

Apple app – Daily: Bible Reading


Key verse: Rev. 1:3


  • God speaks to us through his Word (like a missed call or voicemail)
  • We speak to God through prayer (like wanting to share good/bad news with a friend)
  • Matt. 7:21-23 – God wants a relationship with us but he has to know us (Gal. 4:9)

The Importance of Reading God’s Word daily

  • Rev. 1:3 – Read, hear and keep
  • Deut. 6:6-9 – Heart, teach children, talk of them, sign upon hands, upon posts and gates of the house

Reading with a Plan

  • The Bible Companion (
  • The benefits of reading with others / reading aloud
  • Sometimes we wonder why we are reading. The answer may be there immediately or later.
  • Read with an objective – ask questions, look for themes

Final conclusion – Attention vs Intention