How to Listen to the Podcast on Your Android Phone

To listen to the podcast on your Android phone you’ll need to install a podcast player app.

1.   Launch the Play Store app.
2.   From the Play Store search bar at the top, type in “podbean”. The Podbean Podcast app will come up in the search. Tap the listing.
3.   Tap the INSTALL button.


4.   Wait for the app to download and install.


5.   Tap the OPEN button.

You can also open the podcast player by tapping on the Podbean icon.

6.   Login using a Facebook or Google ID or setup your own username by pressing “Login now”.
7.   Tap the magnifying glass at the top.
8.   In the search bar at the top type in “Essential Bible Studies” and the listing will come up. Press the + sign on the right to subscribe.
9.   Tap on any of the listed shows to listen.

Tap the  next to the episode for options

·     Like

·     Share

·     Download for listening offline

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